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Amazing Honey & Scotch Bonnet Glazed Skinless Wings with Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Whenever you think of chips or even chicken wings your imagination goes straight to oil dripping from the chicken or chips glistening so bright because it has been bathing in a deep fryer for several minutes right?

However, both the main ingredients made from the traditional fast food chicken and chips are so full of nurishment and what a better way to make use of all those vitamins than cooking it a better way huh?

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Super Green Power Smoothie

The green smoothie is one of my family’s favourites! We tend to have this a few times a week, but I particularly love it not just because of its great taste but the nurishment that is filled this cup of green goodness.

On a usual day I would have it on its own but when I do have more time like the weekends I like to beef it up a little with a base of chia pudding, as pictured above!  

Below I have listed all the health benefits that each of the fruits and vegetables I use in this smoothie have.

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My favorite homemade salad dressings

I began making my own salad dressings at home for various reasons: firstly, it really is cheaper to do it yourself and majority of the time you have the ingredients already laying about in the pantry or the fridge!  

Secondly, I get to control what goes in there and how much of it I want. I found that after looking at the back of the labels of some of the dressings I was buying from the supermarket, I found artificial colours and flavours that didn’t need to be there  not to mention the amount of unnecessary sugar and salt that would be put in them. 

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Roasted Okra

Okra which is also known as lady fingers in some regions is most commonly used in stews and soups for the majority of the African and Caribbean community, or in curries / stir fry’s within the Asian communities.

Never the less Okra is a nutritious vegetable that is often overlooked because of the slimy consistency it can produce when cooked in a certain way and so many people develop an okra-phobia. However this recipe is guaranteed to convert the fearers of okra, there is no slime and you really get to enjoy the natural flavours it gives out after roasting. It’s a delightful recipe that can be used as a snack or as a side to go with your main.

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Sweet potato & Quinoa crab cakes

Quinoa which is also known as a super grain of the future is packed with protein and contain all nine essential amino acids. Many fish cake recipes use some sort of bread crumbs to coat the patty to finish, however using cooked quinoa is a natural way of making it gluten free rather than using the typical  gluten free ingredients, which can increase the antioxidant value in your diet and therefore assisting with weight management. 

You will be pleasantly surprised with this recipe, using the quinoa to coat the crab cakes gives it a delicious crunchy, crisp finish that is ever so moreish! You can enjoy these alone as a snack or can be addded to your salad for lunch.

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